A month long journey towards becoming lighter.


As a woman in love with travel, I’ve often felt my belongings have weighed me down. Each time I move, including to and from Europe & two cross country moves in the U.S., I evaluate what I really need to continue to take with me. I’ve come a long way from the younger version of myself who moved to Poland with two giant bags bursting at the seams, worrying about all the things my mom warned me they didn’t have there. (FYI, she had been there at the height of the communist era, and now they *do* have everything there you would need in Poland, and more.)

In my most recent move back to the East Coast, I purged a lot of my belongings. I read a lot about minimalism, and I became a fan of many¬†YouTubers who shared their ideas and inspiration on how to live life with less. Minimalism may mean whatever you need it to mean to live your life in the most meaningful way. At this point in my life, I’m striving for a less cluttered, lighter daily existence, so that I can achieve more of my life goals such as traveling more and saving money. I want to be free of belongings and debt that hold me to a traditional lifestyle. I have daydreams about living in a tiny house, or ditching my job to live on the road full time, only having the few items I truly love with my dog by my side as we explore North America together.

The 46″x 49″x 80″ crate that I rented to ship items from California to Boston for my last move. Looking back, I should have stopped here, taking only one of the most important parts of my life – my dog.

For those reasons and many more, I decided to really evaluate as many of my belongings as possible in the month of October. Continue reading “Abundance”


My day hiking alone in Rocky Mountain National Park.

All throughout that day, I kept stopping to say Thank You. I was alone, so the thank you wasn’t expressed to a particular person. As a lifelong atheist, I did not express my gratitude to any higher power. But each step, each breath of the crisp, thin, wild mountain air, I moved and breathed in gratitude.

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