A few of the add-on items that I released from my wants in order to live more simply.


There are so many items that we purchase as additions to our home, accessories to items we already use, or general extras. I used to buy things because I thought everyone has this stuff, and I need to have it also as a functioning adult. Everyone has a TV, I need one too. Once upon a time, I thought there never could be a home without a microwave. The embarrassing abundance in America has caused many of us to end up consuming completely mindlessly. We assume having all of these extras in our lives is what we are supposed to do, we assume this is normal. Continue reading “Extras”


My day hiking alone in Rocky Mountain National Park.

All throughout that day, I kept stopping to say Thank You. I was alone, so the thank you wasn’t expressed to a particular person. As a lifelong atheist, I did not express my gratitude to any higher power. But each step, each breath of the crisp, thin, wild mountain air, I moved and breathed in gratitude.

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